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My Work

A sample of some of my work I've done or contributed to over the years. We're not new to this but true to it.

Video Ads

Video is one the most effective ways to appeal to your audience's emotions whether it's a new product or service launching; or soft launch for your grand opening.

Print Ads

Print ads are a great way to appeal to your audience or consumer if you want them to emphasize on a particular product, service or lifestyle. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Print ad for The Glam Corner
Face accessory by Blessed Beadwork
Print Ad for Finish N' Touch fabric hoop earrings

Social Media

The best way these days to market to your audience is through social media. Using posts on your timeline and stories is a way to stay present with your audience and helps with having consistent content.

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Wellness, Spa and Yoga Tip of the Day In


Branding your company starts with making sure you have nice effective packaging that tells the audience about your company. It can start with your logo, packaging for a product or marketing material, promotional flyer for an event, an e-book and so much more!


When capturing your audience sometimes we need something thought provoking, something to make them think or something they could learn. We can write a capturing blog about our experience at your event. Or about how to repurpose that nice dress from your boutique. Or coming up with a nice captivating tag line or hashtag for your new service!

Press Kit

Melissa Renee's Blogger Media Kit
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