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I created Bella Minded as a way to find my voice, purpose and who I am. As a Black Woman I was so angry, hard and defensive and it didn't make for a happy life. I felt as though I was merely existing and surviving. I refused to accept that this was the gist of my life; feeling as though I had to fight to be seen, heard and respected as a Black Woman. So I started to do the work and it started with me changing the way I thought, my mentality. I didn't have to be hard, defensive or angry. I realized that I loved being a woman, being feminine and it was a burden but yet a strength. I could just be; whether it was meditating, yoga, or mastering my energy. As I gradually got over my hurdles, I realized that I wasn't the only woman struggling with this. So I decided to share what I learned so that it may help other women. I wanted to be an example of how finding and being your authentic self will attract so much abundance in your life as it has done for me. Once I learned that apart of who I was, was in fact my femininity everything else fell in place


Bella Minded provides the space that can inspire Black Women to embrace their womanly femininity confidently. A space that inspires black women to be individuals without judgment because of respect for one’s individuality. As well as the love and relatability to see ourselves in one another. It’s a space to have those hard conversations with compassion and understanding with the purpose of connecting and building. And a space to be inspired to live without being confined to one way of living.


"Your Mindset Is Your Lifestyle" simply means that we have the power and influence to bring our needs and desires to fruition if we believe. And belief starts with our subconcious mind first. Here at Bella Minded we believe that mindfulness is one of the major components on transitioning what's in our mind to reality. Life is what you make it and it's not about your money, status or influence. It's more so about your love and connection with self and channeling it in your life so that it may inspire others.


"HER MIND IS BEAUTIFUL" is knowing that our minds are this amazing beautiful concious and subconcious. It has the power and influence to help us grow, heal, love and give to ourselves and others. We don't have to give way to the idea that our life stops where society tells us due to our ethnicity, race, gender or class. We have the power and influence to get through or over any obstacles.

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