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A Style Like Graphic Tee Dress Please....


I'm sure we're all familiar with t-shirt dresses because they have evolved from over the time span of different eras. At least during my years of growing up;I remember the tank tee dresses to the polo style shirt dresses but it's something particularly fly or artistic about the graphic tee dresses that stand out!

I particularly, love pieces that have some personality; and any item with graphics does send off some individuality flare. Whether it's a popular sayin' or a quote. Or even a bomb ass artwork of some celebrity or honorary person, graphics just gives you the stand out from the crowd. It's as if it's giving everyone around you a snippet of who you are, how you think, and how you feel.

Me for one, I loved this particular dress because.... well yes, it was affordable; can we give it up for the 99 cent store one time!!; but further more it reminded me a lot of myself. First off she was the closes I could get to a melanin woman on my shirt but her pink hair, eclectic earrings, and funky fun ice cream shades spoke to me on so many levels. Like, yes sis, this is definitely you!!!

Although I must admit it's so convenient when it comes to being a universal piece in your wardrobe or closet. I mean, you can go from around the way girl with the kicks to a nice date night heel with the boo.

@Stafanimilano giving us all the gangsta fly in her t dress

Dress it up or down, it's still a statement piece all while being comfortable. Two of my favorite style bloggers @Stafanimilano and @Darlingtee show the versatility of their graphic tee dress with a nice summer town fly look or city girl flava. However you do it, just some simple added accessories or pieces can personalize your look to ultimately "Glow Up".

"So Gone" sensation, Monica Brown shows us how she gives us a diva tease with her mentor in this slay from top to bottom.

Or how Rasheeda from LHHA gave us the luxurious finesse with her Fendi look.

However you feel, don't count the graphic tee dress out when it comes to figuring out that next fit or look when your sending a message of " I just dress and rest" lol.

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