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This is the first blog starting my “A Style Like Mind” segment, where I take a style/fashion and recreate an inspired look that we regular folks can do on our own. No high end fashion labels or expensive brands, but I just want to show that it’s possible (with a little imagination of course) to get these looks that we become fond of seeing on Instagram or popular blogs with some of our favorite celebrities or influencers.

First up is Ms. Rosh Posh (IG@msroshposh) and the sexy spin she did with the classic around the way Summer look with her white tie up tee and pum pum shorts. I do like the twist on her white tee and how it tied up in the front, which can be purchased at for 19.99. If you aren't familiar with Ms. Rosh Posh then you either not that into makeup or just kind of over looked her a little. However, she is one of the more well known YouTube beauty influencers and she tends to have a flare for style.

So why not start off the summer being “hot” if you know what I mean. Plus my husband said it was a go so I was here for it. Plus it doesn't hurt that he's my personal photographer. So I'm sure he was here for all the angles, "if you know what I mean. However, there isn’t anything wrong with adding some hotness to this awful South Carolina heat!! If you know anything about Charleston weather I still had too much clothes because "E HAWT OUCHEA" (in my geechie voice)

​I was hesitant at first to post because hey, I'm no Rosh Posh, and I was worried about the back rolls, fat, and cellulite but I was like..wait... I forgot I’m no Instagram model, I’m a mother who had three children so why do I feel like I have to meet the same standards. I'm your average every day black wife and mother who likes to wear pum pum shorts when it's hot!

I recreated this look with​ my HHSL “Floral Short Shorty” shorts, that is up on the site right now so go cop that (shameless plug) and I liked the tie up tee concept so I purchased a basic white tee, cut a slit up the center midway, and tied it up.  VOILA!! 


tops: 99cent and More  bottoms: HHSL ( shoes: NIKE Air Max 

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