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An Intimate Moment: Bone Fish and Grill

On the last day of March, the vibrations were high for me. I felt all types of good on that beautiful Saturday. As I pulled into Bonefish Grill, I spotted Narcisa (the founder of GTB Charleston) and Jessica parlaying on the outside waiting area. Both of these beauties were dressed like they were about to hit the streets of Rodeo Drive. (Of course I wouldn't actually know how that would look but it fit the description in my mind.)

Photo courtesy of Narcisa Maura

As I sat down and finished the greetings we immediately picked up where the conversation left off before I entered. As we were waiting on the others to arrive, I just couldn't shake the vibes of sun rays and that fresh air so I had to inquire about us eating out on their patio. We all thought that was a great idea so we headed to their outside lounge area.

Photo courtesy of Narcisa Maura

Now, I don't know about anyone else but much to my surprise Bone Fish Grill actually served brunch. I don't know how for how long but I had no idea. Maybe my head was stuck somewhere deep down in the sand or it could be something new and here's the kicker... their brunch items were quite impressive.

So you all know I'm a sucker for french toast, so when I saw that french toast with a side of rasberry creme brulee (y'all know I had to look up the spelling, wouldn't want you all to think I'm starting to get high falutin (yep that word too)) I immediately had my mind made up! And it was soooo good.

Of course they had the classic mimosa's and my favorite belinis. Usually I'm not too impress with a lot brunch places mimosas or bellinis and I can say their's were pretty cool. Not the best but cool, however, much better than what I had. Typically what I feel like they serve is just some o.j. with a splash of sparkling cider.

The crowd this time was much more intimate as we chatted about being mothers, juggling love lives, and reaching career goals, although I enjoyed it because it allowed for me to talk and engage with everyone. I also loved our server because she was polite, engaging and you can telk it was truly genuine.

So if you're ever in North Charleston and looking for a nice brunch spot on Saturday, maybe you should check them out! Until the next brunch

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