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Updated: Jul 3

Although we're living in an era where you can label and define yourself, and anything for that matter, how ever you doesn't make it so.

I've seen quite a bit of candle brands out here that market themselves as a "luxury" candle brands, including myself. But what makes a candle brand luxury? Is it considered luxury because of its fancy vessels or gold fancy labels? Or maybe it's the name; Maybe using a a fancy name like "LUMINATE`". Or maybe pricing it at $40 to $50 a candle is what makes it luxury.

As a matter of fact the candle pictured above has a minimalist aesthetic. A nice orange frosted vessel with a minimal label that has the brand's name and the name of the scent below. Look at the name of the this candle brand. It's simplistic and to the point.. "HOTEL LOBBY" Candles.

No fancy French or Italian name but it still gives luxury; and at $58 it damn well should be.

The same goes for JENNI KAYNE. She has a plain matte black vessel with the brand's name on top and the name of the scent below. Here she decided to put the ingredients of her scent as well. And her candles are $65 for the regular consumer and $52 if you're a member.

So what makes these two candles luxury besides the price? What makes a candle luxury period??! We'll the quality of the candle. Quality has always been the determining factor of what makes certain brands and products luxury.

So what makes a candle of quality or high quality in order to be considered "Luxury"?


A candle that's considered high quality other than the price is, if it's made with quality. Is it made with quality wax such as soy, beeswax, and coconut wax? Does it use quality wicks such as lead free cotton braided, linen braided or wooden wicks?

Candles made with Paraffin wax aren't considered high quality because paraffin wax doesn't burn clean. If you usually see black soot on the walls or ceiling while or after burning your candle, that's considered toxic. Becareful with the candles that are described as blends. If it doesn't list what the two blends are such as soy + coconut or beeswax; most likely it's blended with paraffin.

The same goes for the wicks. Lead free cotton braided and linen braided wicks are eco friendly. Hemp wicks are good too. I prefer soy wax and wooden wicks for my candles. Wooden wicks can be a little more expensive but I love to add the crackling sound to the overall mood to my candles. It's worth it! Wicks that are quality are going to ensure an eco friendly environment. We want you to enjoy the experience without toxins in tour environment.

Ensuring that kind of environment is going to be more costly and timely.


A high quality candle also has a different burn experience than other candles. When you purchase a quality candle you'll experience a much longer burn time which affects the candle throw (how strong the scent is ).

You'll also experience a smokeless and dripless burn experience. You won't see the smoke burning from the wick and your burn will be a nice smooth even melt or burn. It will provide an overall better burn experience.


Of course high quality in a candle is definitely going to be defined by the fragrance. Essential oils of lavender, patouli, lemon grass and more; are going to give a aromatic scent that provides a level of aroma therapy.

Also fragrances that are rich with sentient scents like cedar, vanilla, and sweet orange, just to name a few, that capture the essence of a mood or vibe. Fragrances that are classic and you won't get tired or too overwhelmed like how some gourmand scents can be.


Most luxury candles aren't going to be massed produced. Like Bella Minded Apothecary candles, we take the time to intentionally hand craft each of our candles. That takes time when you add the curing process of using a quality wax.

Yes packaging and labeling does play a role when it comes to the overall brand of luxury. However, you have to be the part to look the part. Bella Minded packing is practical for making sure our candles perform and cure with a quality outcome.

The best part of our candles being luxury is that we're less than half the price of most leading luxury candles. Most lux brands price points start off with $40 to $60 dollars a candle. When our highest candle is $15 and we give more bang for your buck because we add dried flowers and crystal chips to elevate the experience.

So now you know what to look for when buying a luxury candle. You're looking for high quality and it's not always in the price or the look. Experience your first luxury candle with us and try our Soul Care Gift box for $45 which is equivalent to purchasing one luxury candle.

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