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Bella Minded at VEG FEST 22'

Hey my loves! First and foremost let me thank and give my husband his applause for attending the festival with me. If you all aren't aware I've transitioned into a plant based diet about a year and a half ago (officially two years in October). However, the rest of my family still eat meat and I love that they're supportive with my recent transition. They're always open to try plant based substitutions or meals (sometimes I don't tell then either..shhh).

Columbia had it's first annual Veg Fest and I was in attendance. I honestly didn't think I'd make it because I had the days mixed it divine intervention. I really don't know who the promoter, sponsors, or speakers were and I feel terrible about it. So I'm affirming that I'll be more mindful of having more background information on these events next time. Hey..I told you I had the days mixed up so I wasn't going. I literally bought my ticket at the door. But I will say they definitely had speakers.

The highlights of the event for me was the fact that it was ONLY $10. Listen, I may not need to boast so proudly because they may catch on and boost the price. Seeing as though this is their first festival, so I'm sure "Yesterday's price will not be today's price". Especially since they reduce half the price for military and students. You can't beat $5! Do you know with most of these festivals you're paying $20 or more just to enter and paying for food on top of that? So please excuse my excitement if I could actually spend money freely on what I came there to!

I loved the fact that it took place at Segra Park ball park. Having vendors set up in the concession area was genius provided the heat that was having sweat run down my back. Yes it was hot! That shade was a relief considering that most food festivals are completely outside.

Of course the food trucks had to be outside outside but considering that you didn't have to wait too long, it wasn’t unbearable. I've literally stood in line for 30 minutes to order food in past experiences. I was excited by all the vendors because it wasn't a repeat of the same types of businesses. Every vendor had their unique competive edge..something a little different to add.

I didn't get to try as many vendors as I wanted because I came around 3pm so since the event ended at 5pm; by the time we doubled back to a few of the vendors, they were sold out. However, I got to taste Oh My Cod's crabby spring roll. I enjoyed it with the sweet and sour sauce but I needed a kick so I added some sirachi...Bon Appétit. My friend had the fish basket and she said it was really good. I also tried Peace Of Soul's BBQ chkn' strips and fries. They never steer me wrong. I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich from them at the Black Food Truck Festival in Charleston, sc last year; I loved it like I loved the strips. My husband and daughter tried it and gave it a thumbs up. Lastly, I had a delicious strawberry snow Cone with real strawberries from Tropical Sno Desserts. My husband had the pineapple and we bust it down! It was so refreshing and filling. Got my money's worth.

I definitely would request them to have some professional entertainment. I don't know something about music just sets the tone. Something about live music just us added plus. They had a rapper. That's it. There's nothing to elaborate on. There were also two young ladies who played the keyboard and drums who were cool for a two woman band. I also would like food vendors to have samples for people who aren't familiar with their menu. No one wants to spend that type of money and not enjoy what they bought.

Overall it was nice for their first event. I'm sure improvements will come with growth. Who knows they may have one in Charleston... you didn't hear it from me. We'll see.

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