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Failure Doesn't Exist

Would you believe me if I told you failure doesn't exist? That it's all in our heads? That it's all a figment of our imagination?

We put a lot of unnecessary burdens on our shoulders due to our societal expectations of "Success" and "Failures'. We've been programmed to believe that success looks one way and failure looks another. If we get the round of applause it solidifies that we're doing something right. However, when things don't go as planned then we associate that to something going wrong; wrong equates to failing.

I for one have struggled for some time with this logic. I started Dream Bella in the hopes of building a business of doing print advertising for small businesses. Unfortunately that didn't go as planned, and since then I've been tossing and turning trying to find a way to make Dream Bella successful. It got to the point where I threw in the towel a couple of times because I wasn't meeting the expectations I was holding myself to. Time was tick, tick, ticking away; I wasn't getting any younger and yet I felt as though I wasn't making any lead way.

It's a head game of Russian Roulette that we play with ourselves. Is this the move that's going to be the end of me? Is this the decision that will be the ultimate failure? What happens once we've "failed" something? Unlike my "metaphorical" game of Russian Roulette, the real game can end in death. But is it for us to believe the same when it comes to our dreams, goals and passions? If something doesn't go as planned then is it death to the whole idea? Just "throw the whole dream away" in that case. What's the point of even trying when we can just exist and if we so happen to see some success then cool.

If you think about it; even when you make "failing grades in your classes you haven't necessarily failed. You still are allowed to repeat the class and try again. They don't kick you out of school and say, "That's it, you're done. No more school and no more learning EVER". They allow you to try again, correct your mistakes and attempt to make passing grades.

So no, failure isn't real. You can't fail. You can make mistakes, decisions and/or choices. However, the way you deal with those mistakes can help you reach places that you couldn't dream of. Or it can make you drown in self pity and defeat. Take failed, failure and failing out of your vocabulary. That's no longer an option. We're going to see every disadvantage as an opportunity to make it into an advantage and be successful in our own right.

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