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Fall and Flowy


It's Fall time! I know many have been waiting on this season as well as me doing another Project Thrifty. Yeah it's been awhile. Since it really doesn't become hoodie weather until the end of October or beginning of November, I could get away with this midriff top.

I was channeling my inner Nubian, Bohemian Goddess with this ensemble. If you all read my last "Style Like Mind... Back to Me" blog, then you would've read how I'm trying to come back to my own and not chase the trends. I've always been one for flowy and sultry with a bit of Afrocentric when it came to my style. So when I saw this $3 skirt I felt it was right up my style tree.

The flowy skirt is a easy and universal find when it comes to my style because it can translate all the way through the Spring and Summer. With just a switch from boots to sandals you go from a warm to cool. Adding a belt just help me accentuate my non-existent hips so I don't look so up and down; but add some curves and dimension.

When it comes to thrift shopping, it's already tedious when rummaging through a lot of duds to find studs; so it helps to know how things are going to fit. It's important to know your body type and style to make sure that what you're visualizing in your head is what's going to translate on you.

Keep in mind if your self conscious about your midsection showing you could use the same idea with a bodysuit or turtle neck.

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