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Gals That Brunch Charleston| Ms. Rose's Fine Food & Cocktails.


I have definitely have been negligent on posting my experience with Gals That Brunch Charleston, lately. I literally missed December and January but I’m here to catch you guys up for February; I was so sick during January’s brunch I don’t even remember.

So here it is, February, and we had brunch at Rose’s Fine Dining, located in West Ashley of Charleston, Sc. Although, I’ve passed this place a gazillion times, I never thought twice about actually eating there so I was intrigued to say the least. I won’t lie, I did happen to look up the menu before going because I wanted to know what to expect.

At first glance Rose’s come off like a retro nostalgic diner from the outside, like a more polished Deny’s but it definitely isn’t anything g close. Where the ladies and I were sitting the decorated wall behind us was unique and creative with silver ware, cups and saucers designed in a wall paper patterned. I must say it did give the area a bit of charm.

They’re brunch menu looked so delectable that I had a difficult time deciphering what I wanted to eat. I was tossed between the stoned grits and shrimp and the apple caramel French toast. I end up choosing the French toast that came with a side of stone grits with cheese. Don’t ask me what stoned grits are, I’ll leave that up for you all to look up, however they were thick and good. I can say they are more on the grittier side so if you like smooth grits than don’t attempt.

On the down side I wasn’t too pleased with our wait staff. She seemed as though she was tolerating us and was ready for us to leave. She would just simply interrupt us mid conversation as if it would have taken too much for her to say excuse me. Then she when she was handing our checks back to us she just tossed them on the table for us to figure out who check belonged to who.

I shared a picture of mango mimosas with my friend, although they were good they didn’t have the kick that I was anticipating and needed at that moment. I must say one thing I truly love is meeting new ladies and steadily building a rapport with the ladies who continue to come. I just ravish in the experience of a group of women, who happened to be black, connecting.

I mean we have really evolving conversations from relationships to politics and it always stays in a healthy space and ends on a high note. I hope to continue to create these memories and eat awesome food.

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