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How do you feel about your husband or significant other picking out your wardrobe or outfits? Well in this Fashion Nova Haul my husband did just that. He picked out every last one of the Summer dresses that I modeled in this haul. The only thing I contributed, unbeknown to me, was my dress size. He matter of factly asked, "What's your size?" and I told him. I had no clue why but I wasn't present to why he'd asked me in the first place. I received a text message stating my order confirmation and tracking number.

This isn't my husband's first time shopping or picking out clothes for me; so it lead me to question how many women would allow their men to shop for them and pick out their clothes. I use to watch my Uncle go shopping with my Aunt, and he'd pick out clothes for her to try and she'd model them and ask for his opinion. I now understand the reasoning behind it. If that's my husband, why wouldn't I trust that he'd pick out clothes that compliment me that he's attracted to. Plus women picking out their men clothes is normal. Some women pick out their men clothes to match their out fit.

Let me know your thoughts!

When it comes to this Fashion Nova Haul I tried on the dresses to see if my husband got my taste and if they were complimentary to me. Now, I will say that I'm in the process of get toned and in shape so I didn't feel my most secure. However, I wasn't disappointed on the dresses at all...I think he did a fine job. There was this one dress but it was more on the size not fitting. It was a medium but it fit me like a large.

Summer dresses are a nice and convenient addition to my wardrobe. I have a lot of days where I want to be cute but I don't want to put a whole outfit together just to run errands, do chores around the house and run my business. It's the convenient of throwing on a dress, sprucing up my hair and maybe just a little "tee tee" on the makeup; and I look like I actually put some effort in my appearance.

Listen I'm trying to get back into taking care of me and dressing how I feel. Tell me your thoughts on the dresses. Did my husband do a good job? What's your favorite dress?

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