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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Social media is an influential way we connect and find out what’s going on in the world. Oftentimes you find out news through social media before hearing it on the actual news. However, the down side to this is constantly having your phone to your face checking social media to stay in the loop. When you have people from all walks of life on a single platform; it can definitely heighten debates and emotions when everyone wants to be heard and understood.
These mixed emotions and opinions coming from every which way, for some, can weigh heavy and make a place like social media feel like it’s just too much. We have to remember that energy never dies, it just transfers and social media isn’t any exception. Be mindful that just like a face to face conversation or a phone conversation, you can still be affected by bad vibes or energy

Some people take breaks from social media when they feel as though they need peace of mind or leave all together. Where both of those options are totally understandable, I believe there is a way where you can engage in social media while protecting your peace at the same time.

Have you ever been scrolling on your timeline and saw someone’s post who was venting about their issues and immediately you start feeling down too? And you could have had the best intentions of having a good day but now, you don’t know why you feel so blah? Well, once I realized I was an empath (I truly believe we all are but we just have to tap in) I had to start learning how to protect my peace on social media. So here are some things that I practice daily to protect my peace:


Being mindful is a big part of protecting my peace. If you’re aware of your purpose or reasoning for being on social media then you won’t get side tracked with other people’s negative energy or problems. Since I’ve grown into Bella Minded, I make it intentional to not mistreat anyone on social media regardless how they may treat me. If I’m going back and forth with someone on social media I try my best to say things in a way that isn’t hurtful and if I feel it may come across that way… I won’t comment. I’m trying to heal and spread love so if I’m arguing with everyone by being condescending and disrespectful that’s not aligning with my purpose and why I’m here. Be mindful how you like to be dealt with so you don’t deal with others that way. Be mindful that some people have a lot going on and off of social media that you may not be aware of. We all have our problems and our levels of growth. This protects you from having to be in awkward and toxic conversations, especially with people you barely know.


In protecting your peace you have to know your triggers (I discuss this in knowing how to have mindful conversations which I haven’t published yet. I know.. ass backwards). In knowing your triggers you can avoid energy that’s going to put you in a state of anxiety and/or depressions. Sometimes when you have triggers that you haven’t fully unpacked it could cause you to regress and maybe even act out of character. Recognize when certain conversations are going to send you to a place that you’re still healing from. I know we like to be heard and share our experience but if you want to protect your peace then you would want to avoid speaking on topics that you are still deeply wounded by. There’s no way you’re going to be open and receptive if you’re still hurt by an experience because you’re still in that space. We don’t always have to speak our mind with everything. It’s okay to sit some conversations out and take the time to process what’s being said. It’s okay to be an observer, you’ll be surprised at what you learn.


Protecting your peace means to not find yourself feeding off of the emotions of other people; headlines and sound bites that aren’t true, and/or have been taken out of context. I can even say that I’ve been guilty of taking a comment out of context because I assumed they were trying to imply one thing when they were really implying something else. If I’m confused on what’s being stated I either: Ask for understanding, look for further information, or I simply leave it alone. Nothing interrupts your peace than arguing with someone about misinformation. It’s draining and a waste of time. Remember these headlines are written for the purpose to bait you into clicking the link but sometimes we don’t even take the time to do that because we’re emotionally set off like a light switch. Before settin’ it off because of a blog post, news article, or what someone posts; vet the information before posting, commenting or sharing. And it’s okay to say you misunderstood if you were wrong. Let that righteous energy go so you don’t disrupt your peace.


If you truly want to protect your peace filter your friends list or following list to people that are going to give you inspiration. Following people who are controversial to your views is a way to lose your peace on social media. It’s okay to follow people who you disagree with because we’re individuals for a reason. But if every time you see their posts or lives and you’re always in disagreement and argumentative; it might be time to unfollow. It should be something you’re getting from that person other than negativity and if you can’t find anything positive about said person then that’s not someone that should be on your timeline. Follow people who inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, go after your dreams and build the life you deserve. If certain people's posts annoy you or frustrate you, unfollow. I know it can get a little difficult when you’re dealing with family and coworkers but you can mute them so that you don’t have to see them on your timeline. Remember protecting your peace is avoiding triggers. Why follow or be friends with someone on your timeline that triggers you?


If all else fails…take a break! It’s okay to take a day or week from social media for a mental break. If you need a couple of months to regroup that’s perfectly okay as well. You shouldn’t feel imprisoned by your social media. It’s a pattern of outrage, laughs and movements that continue in a cycle so I’m sure you can pick up where you left off like you didn’t skip a beat. Even as a blogger I don’t chain myself to my social media because I don’t want to get drained and burnt out. If it’s things I need to get done in my home life then I take that necessary break to be attentive to what’s needed. I practice being present and in the moment and sometimes social media can be a distraction. So I protect my peace by allowing myself to be still, present and in the moment. You can’t be in the moment if you’re constantly trying to share the moment. Sometimes you can lose yourself and the fun when you don’t take time to simply be in your reality.


When we're mindful of other people's peace we can protect ours in the same instance. Simply put, you can find ways to de-escalate a heated interaction rather than to continue to stir the pot. How I do this is by being open and receptive to the fact that we all have different walks of life. Everyone isn't going to agree with my lifestyle, ideas and principles; Therefore I have to be open to a difference of opinion or perspective. What that means to me is not taking it personally when someone doesn't agree with me or challenges my thoughts. It allows me to stay in a cool, collective vibe without raising my anger or frustration. I realize that we speak from our own experience or triggers and I can avoid being judgmental when I keep that in mind. It can keep the interaction inviting and warm all while protecting your peace. Sometimes you have to know when to give the space to allow people to be what they need to be at that moment. Be open and receptive to the fact that everyone doesn't want to find a solution, or be uplifted, or gain understanding. When you come to that level of acceptance you avoid those heated interactions on social media. You know who's post or comment to scroll past and who to engage.


If we aren't enjoying our experience on social media, then why are we here?! It's social for a reason. You're there to socialize, communicate with people you may never have had the opportunity to do so. Laugh at the memes and jokes. Don't go on social media taking yourself too seriously because we're only seeing a surface perspective of each other's lives. Don't be so hard on yourself or others. Post the picture without festering about your appearance. Post the meme without worrying about who'll get offended when you do. Cross those roads when you get there and if they delete or block may be a divine intervention. Remember it's social media so you can log off at any time or moment.
Melissa Renee`

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