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It's Not What's In Your Closet But how you style it, Sis!


Bag: The Glam Corner Jeans: HHSL

So often when we think of fashionista's we think of someone who has on the high-end labels; or someone who has on something new every time we see them. We also make it such a heavy task to be deck out with style because we are mothers, wives and have jobs or careers. "I'm just taking the kids to the park" or "I'm just running to the store", doesn't mean you still can't keep it cute, chic and comfortable.

I don't know about anyone else but I don't have a closet full of jeans and for whatever reason I can never manage to have enough tops. But I'm aware that financially I don't have the means right now to go shopping every week or month for clothes to keep up with the latest so I ultimately make what's in my closet work.

And seriously, what's wrong with that? I noticed during this social media era we act as if we post any pics of us wearing something we've worn before; even though in reality most of us wear our clothes more than once. I mean what would be the need for laundry if we could wore things once and that's it....I mean it does sound nice now that I think about. However, it just isn't practical or realistic.

Me, personally, I like shopping for pieces that I can interchange with my other wardrobe. I love that I can take a piece I had for years and find another cool way of wearing that piece. It's as if I bought it back to life. For instance, this sheer Bob Marley sleeveless top I purchased at Ross two years ago and the lime green jellies I purchased at Old Navy a year later. I've never worn the two together but they definitely complimented each other with that island vibe of bold colors.

My husband and I took the children to and indoor activity spot and I wanted to be comfortable enough to run around with them but cute enough for people to think "That's their mom?!". Listen, I might be a stay at home mother but I don't have to look like I've been burping babies and washing clothes all day.

Of course distressed denim are always an edgy trendy look as well as being functional when you're dealing with children and I paired it with a statement piece that happens to be a purse I reviewed in Melanin Collective from an online boutique called The Glam Corner.

The look was fun, bold and chic, and all came from my closet. I'm sure if we're friends on Facebook or Instagram these items look quite familiar but it doesn't mean it ain't cuuutee. I don't necessarily think it's about how many times you wear something but more so on how many creative ways you can wear it.

I'm no celebrity so I won't carry the burden of trying to live like one by making sure I'm always captured with something different and with the latest. I have the freedom of being the average person who can express her individuality based on who and what I am. I have no problems if I have to "Make it work", in the words of Tim Gunn, because it brings those stylish ideas out. It's different when you have the money to walk in the store and pick out anything you want regardless of cost but doing it on budget is where you're really tested.

So forget about what people think and say and use your closet as a canvas to express any picture you want to express about yourself. Don't get into the vanity of labels and status but how it all comes together when you do those final "I look good" poses in the mirror.

You might even be surprise how people may react to a piece you've worn several times but because you paired it differently, it makes more of a statement.

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