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It seems that "hotepary" is at an all time high because of recent events of Cardi B's old video resurfacing.

If you haven't heard... basically Cardi B has a video from 3 years ago speaking on how she use to set men up and rob them. She went into details of setting these unidentified men up with transgender men unbeknown to them by drugging them.

Now it came across my timeline about Cardi being of comparison to Cosby, which I can even understand some valid points. However I'm also seeing across my timeline the woe is me out pour of some Black Men as if Cardi B comes from a long line of mistreatment that they have to endure over anyone else.

I can admit that Cardi B's actions weren't right hence why she mentioned how she doesn't rap about it because she doesn't want to glorify that behavior. I can also say that I've heard plenty of male rappers rap about robbing and setting up other black men too, however I have yet to see the same outrage towards each other. So why is it, I ask, that when a woman does it it speaks on the unjust of black men?

Also how can you (black men) speak with so much conviction about how wrong Cardi B is for taking advantage of these men but don't share the same sentiments when it comes to the black women who were victims of R.Kelly?

To see a gentleman write about how Black Men are subjected to the worst treatment because they get it from all directions in society, is the very thing that keeps black women and men at odds. That ideology undermines black women as if we don't share the same struggles or maybe worse.

As a black woman I read posts daily about how we, black women, are degrading ourselves based on what we wear, makeup and music. Sad part is I see a lot of it that comes from black men.

At the end of the day we have to stop pointing fingers and playing the blame game. It's as if we're all in grade school playing tit for tat instead of building each other up. The last people who need to be at odds with each other are the black man and black woman. We're trying to build intellectual property as well as generational wealth but we cannot do it if we're finding reasons to be at odds.

Is the answer that women need to submit to black men and allow him to dominate or black men should bow to the black woman because she can do no wrong? Of course not, because these views or neither logical, realistic nor purposeful. Everything has a reason and purpose and it there is a reason that black women or just as strong as black men but not to compete but to be able to pick up where he left off. We came through times where we didn't always have our men in the household due to prison, over worked, or sadly death. (Its not always deadbeats ladies) And this was more frequent in our culture than others due to systemic racism. So how else were we going to hold it together until you returned or incase you didn't.

And although I know having to be strong black women can make you forget that it's okay to vulnerable and need the help of your man. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to feel needed and of purpose. Allow him to be a man without the judgement of what your unrealistic ideas of what the perfect or good man is.

However Black men, I can't give out the same tears about this Cardi B situation until You Keep The Same Energy about the mistreatment and unjust you see with your fellow black women. I'd love to see the outcry when we're being culturally appropriated, raped, abused, discrimnated, killed and everything else. Keep The Same Energy about how we're treated by the medical system as well as the judicial.

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