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Melanin Stylin' For Your Figure

I'll start off with saying, "Just because you can fit it, doesn't mean you can wear it". So often we pick out clothes because it's eye catching, the new trend or someone "lied" and told us we look great in it. However, we forget to make sure that we compliment ourselves by dressing for our figure.

Sure, you can wear whatever you have the confidence to pull off but you can't deny when you see someone wearing a similar outfit who's body was made for it; it just tells another story. A better story. Now when I speak on your body type,I'm not necessarily speaking on your weight or your size but more so of your figure. What I'm referencing to is whether your're curvy, proportionate, heavy up top and smaller on the bottom or vice versa.

You can be a plus size sista' but still be proportionate with an hour glass figure and it's certain clothing you could pull off that maybe a slimmer, narrow sista' couldn't. So weight doesn't have much to do with dressing for your body type because rather you have the weight on or off the structure of your body remains the same. Well, unless you go in on toning those areas but that doesn't mean your going to be able to change your whole body structure. However, it does help.


The first thing in styling your body with the right clothes is to find out what body type you are. When you know your body type you can easily assess what's complimentary to your body type and what you'd most likely need to stay away from.


  • Your waist is typically smaller compared to the measurements of your bust (chest area) and hips.

  • The ratio between your bust and hips are proportionate (meaning they're equal, equivalent)

  • You're who the song "Brick House" was written about, "36-24-36"


  • Your bust and shoulders are more prominent than you're waist and hips. (basically you're wider on the top than the bottom)

  • You legs appear long and lean

  • You definitely wouldn't need shoulder pads. You have the shoulders that love ones can lean on.


  • You're the opposite of the inverted triangle

  • You have a small slim waistline with wide hips making your bottom larger than your top

  • You're the reason Kanye wrote the lines " She got a ass that'll swallow up a g-string And up top, uh, two bee stings"


  • You you have naturally toned legs, arms, stomach to go with your naturally lean figure

  • Your waist is narrow not giving your a cinched defined waist

  • You're a lean mean body machine


  • You have an average bust size but you are wider in the torso area

  • You waist is undefined leaving you little to no defined curves

  • You usually have nice thick legs


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