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MINIMAL•LISH: Keeping It Simple To Live Life GRAND

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

I'm minimizing my surroundings of material possessions, so it can all be so simple. I’m minimizing myself to feel big and with impact. With a world so big, filled with so many people and things around us; it's easy to get lost. It's easy to blend in the trends and disappear as it ends.
I’m minimizing myself to feel big and with impact.
I'm realizing how mindfulness shapes every aspect in our lives. Clothes aren't just a stylish ensemble that I take a picture in, post on social media, and never wear again. It's also not a storage filler to represent the why's, regrets, and “one days”.

As I'm clearing my closet I'm letting go of the attachments to material things. I'm letting go of the past. The things that represent the insecurities of fitting in or saving face.

I'm also clearing my closet for the new. Making room for what's to come. My style is who I am. My style is a reflection of who I am now. Confidence. Certainty.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed in a society meant to make you feel small or less than. And then we do what? Attach ourselves to all of these outside things; or things outside of ourselves; to make us feel big and important. When in fact, without those things we can see and feel our importance. Just maybe, living a simple life, allows you to focus on YOU and your experiences.

With less attachments to maintain these things in our lives, we could focus on the experiences in our lives while in the experience. For instance; traveling, taking a course in international cooking, starting a garden or volunteering; could all be our life experiences. I don't believe we always have to acquire wealth to gain experiences. This society sends a message that luxury is the only means when it comes to experiencing a fulfilled, fun-loving life. However, I believe that has more to do with your mentality and/or your outlook on your life.
Just maybe, living a simple life, allows you to focus on YOU and your experiences.
What is a minimalish lifestyle?

So minimish isn't exactly a word but I read it in an article (I lost the link to the article…please forgive me) that was speaking on ways to start your minimalist lifestyle.
A minimalism lifestyle, as defined by Mint Life (, is when you live as a minimalist, you strive to only use things that serve a purpose.

However because a minimalist lifestyle can be very strict for some. Listen, we know when people feel as though they own the way a word should be represented they make it a movement of high expectations and low tolerance. I live my life on what’s going to be practical to my daily living, being and growing. I don’t want to be held in a box due to me having the ability to forever grow and evolve. A “minimalish” lifestyle allows me to be authentic to me while adapting a lifestyle that serves the purpose I’m living. However, I do like to refer to it as a Simple or Simplistic life as referred to by “Simplicity: the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded.

Where I may not sell my house and move into a camper or tiny home with my family; it does, however, allow me to live within my means. I’ve complained about the size of my closet because I felt I needed more closet space but in reality I need to learn how to have less clothes. I rather spend more money on quality clothes but buy less clothes. I recently did a wardrobe dump or purge a year ago and it was such a relief. To walk in a closet and not feel bombarded on what to wear is refreshing and a burden lifted. Imagine walking in your closet and it just gives you good vibes. I narrowed my wardrobe into clothes that make me feel good when I’m wearing it; Has the colors that I gravitate to; and has the quality of me repeatedly wearing it without wearing it out.


How often do you purchase something because it looks good on the hanger or on the mannequin but whenever you put it on it looks blah. Or whenever you wear it, it comes off ill fitting. When I wear my clothes I want to feel good and comfortable. I don’t want to have to rig my clothes or continuously adjust my clothes because it’s awkward fitting or uncomfortable. I also don’t want to accumulate clothes that don’t fit my authentic aesthetic because that can also give off low vibes. If I know I don’t wear form fitting clothes then I won’t purchase or keep clothes that aren't my natural style. When I look at my wardrobe I should see and feel me. It should bring a sense of self and self expression.


I absolutely despise having that one pair of shoes, clothes that go with nothing. Most of my clothes and/or shoes are neutral toned but I decided to purchase a pair of these magenta shoes because they were so cute. Now I’m trying to strategize a way to pair those magenta shoes with something in my closet. Now days have turned into weeks, months and I’ve yet to wear these shoes. They are now a dusty permanent fixture in my closet staring at me while I keep bringing clothes and accessories that don’t match them. I love Earth tones so I typically keep my color palette within that spectrum. Even if I see those “so cute” magenta shoes, I keep it pushing because it goes with nothing in my closet. That’s how I keep myself disciplined and tell myself no.


The last thing I keep in mind to keep my minimalist aka simplistic lifestyle is be prepared to let go of something if I’m purchasing something new. Now, if I’m content with what I already have in my wardrobe then that means I need to tell myself no again. However, if I see something that I connect with and can see me wearing this article of clothing for some time, then I have to be willing to let go of something in my closet. Maybe I’d choose something that is cool, but it doesn’t give me the same energy that the current item does. Basically, I can do without it and it won’t have a major impact if it’s gone. I mean, push comes to shove, take a picture in it for the memories if it’s going to be something you're partial over.
don’t look at simplifying your life as losing ...
To sum it all up, don’t look at simplifying your life as losing or riding but more so it’s making room for You. It's allowing you to have more money to take more trips and vacations. It’s allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones and focus your intentions on the things that really matter in life. Would you consider a “minimalish” or simplistic lifestyle? Why or why not?


Melissa Renée

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