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"The Influence of Drake: A Closer Look Into Propaganda Tactics on Trump's Internet"

You read the title correctly, this is Trump's internet and not Beyonce. The internet B.T. (Before Trump) had a level of discernment that is definitely missing today. Once Mark and them realized how they could sway and manipulate the people on social media, it's been up ever since. It's honestly becoming worse and worse as time goes on. The 2016 Presidential election was definitely Trumps playground to manipulate truths and facts into "fake news". The propaganda was in heavy rotation to feed the people with lies and falsehood into winning the election; and he actually accomplished that goal.

Fast forward to now and we're getting more and more propaganda with these click bait blogger sites, made up stories to play on people's emotions; and we can't forget about the paid bots and trolls who instigate to the next level. This is by no way, Beyonce's internet because I don't believe Beyonce is for the constant bullshit that they love feeding us.

It looks as if Drake took the same approach to his battle with Kendrick and for those who were invested in his previous rap battles (Meek Mills & Pusha T), it wasn't anything new that he hasn't done before. The way Drake had the people confused on what was true and what was facts kept the internet buzzing and actually point fingers like the Spiderman meme. "Who's lying?" "Who's telling the truth?"

To the point where as much unflattering and questionable receipts came out about Drake, the people were still questioning the legitimacy of the proof and Kendricks claims. It was some people who still wanted Kendrick to speak out about the claims of him abusing his wife even though they hadn't seen an ounce of evidence; just Drake's word. Between Drake throwing out baseless accusations and perpetuating that he planned every claim Kendrick said, it had the Drake fans in shambles. Unfortunately, this time, everyone else weren't as heavily influenced by the manipulation of what Drake was saying. One being that you could easily go back to Kendrick's album "Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers" and debunk most of the accusations he made.

The bigger question for me was; "How did we get to be so dumbed down and naive that we just take the words of someone, regardless if they aren't credible?" My answer came as quickly as my question because once I realized that we are a society that no longer want to be responsible of doing our due diligence of vetting information. And vetting information using more than one type of source.

It's literally blogs being shared of misinformation and people are sharing and responding without actually reading the article. If some of them took the time to read they'd most likely realize it's either satire or click bait. However, the internet is no longer a place to gain knowledge and information, or connect with people you'd most likely never be able to connect with. Now the internet is all about being reactive. A bunch of us reacting off of our emotions and not taking the time to gain understanding from one another.

And because the powers that be understand this, they constantly play on our emotions and our lack of emotional intelligence with propaganda. Sometimes, I believe people just come on social media to argue and disagree without having any real investment in the topic. We don't even fully read comments but insist on having a back and forth to argue the point. We also don't take the time to listen to the opposing side, which keeps us dumb down and divided, helping them to be able to feed one side one thing and the other side something else. If we took the time to be well informed all the way around we could see through the manipulation.

Watch my take in the video above and share your thoughts? Do you believe this is Trump's internet? Do you believe Trump started a trend of how to use the internet to spread propaganda? Do you believe Drake took to the Trump tactics?

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