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The Real Slay Boss Network's The Big Hat Brunch:


To say this event started from a place of chaos and confusion and ended with so much profoundness is to say the least. The Real Slay Boss Network was once "Slay Boss Network" , but due to the unforseen incident of a scammer we were able to reunite as such. Ms. Malinda Alford took the network by the wheels and tried to give back what was taken by keeping this movement going.

"The Big Hat Brunch" was the last of the events that Malinda tried to restore after someone came and scammed us into believing these events were actually going to happen. I wasn't disappointed by the least and was so estatic that I was fortunate enough to attend. I was invited as a guest, since I paid money for the "so-called" original event that never transpired and I'm truly grateful to Malinda for that.

Walking up to the Capital Building, I was strutting my stuff with my "big ol' hat", walking past on lookers as they were enjoying their brunch on the veranda of a near by restaurant. Although I'm from Columbia, SC, I haven't leisurely been in my city for years, so it was much to my surprise to see such a beautiful venue.

As I walked in the building to head to the top floor (which I truthfully had no idea at first) I was greeted with big beautiful hats and big beautiful smiles. These three ladies I met immediately set the tone for what I was truly about to experience. I was just so at aww of the vibration of good energy that lingered in the air like your favorite perfume. It just felt good and I was so here for it. As we showered compliments back and forth on the elevator we stepped into a room with 2 times more of what I was greeted with.

You could smell the fragrance of scrambled eggs and bacon illuminating the space as well as the sights of eye catching vendor tables. If I could buy something from each vendor, I promise you I would. However, I'm content with finding Brit Ni'Cole Jewels who sold custom design jewelry and I love my button earrings!!

The food was amazing and those biscuits are all we could talk about post the event. The panel discussion consisted of some amazing women such that I had the pleasure of being introduced through the event. I love the life they spoke in the room that you had no other choice but to be uplifted and inspired. Joy was just that.... a Joy. Her ministry was motivating and provoking as she lead her word through her actions.

Last but not least was our keynote speaker Mr. Tony Gaskin, who I'm not sure if you're familiar with but you definitely should be. Walking through your hurt to heal, is what he left us with and it resonated through and through.

Just to be there was an experience and I encourage you all to make it to next year's brunch. I can only imagine whats in store. Take a look at the some clips below.

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