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The Red Trench, The Rebellious Piece


So apparently I forgot all about this fire red trench until I was going through some old pictures. If you follow the my Facebook page and my Instagram then you're probably familiar with seeing me with this coat on. In the photo I had it on with my all black faux leather catsuit and instantly I was like wear in the hell is my coat and why haven't I ever worn it out? Then I suddenly remembered.....I couldn't find anything to wear with it.

So I decided to try to find some help and I posted the same picture in a Facebook group called "Thrifting Divas" to see if any of the ladies had some ideas. Immediately I got so many compliments on "Trenchie" ( I decided to name her since she has so much character. I've been naming favorite pieces for years. I had gold shoes that I called Beyonce but that's whole other blog) and I new my instincts for purchasing her out of my local "Community Thrift Store" was the move.

Out of all the comments of advice, it was one that stood out to me the most. The young lady responded to my question of "What do I wear with this?", and replied with "Whatever you want!" I sat there for a minute like....well, that wasn't any help but I thought about it and realized she was right!

We often have those bold pieces and get easily intimidated because we're careful not to pair it wrong and mess up the entire look. It's as if you don't want to pair with something too bold and strong and it just clashes; as if it's going to war. However, you don't want to pair it with something too subtle that it just consumes you're entire look. But the voice of "Whatever you want!" kept coming back to my mind.

My red trench was what I like to call a "Rebellious Piece" in the sense that sometimes it's certain pieces in our closets that we just have to allow to go away from traditions and rules. Sometimes we have to allow these pieces to do whatever they want with whatever the want.

It's a sleek, chic, bold piece so I should be just that with it. Maybe, not so much pair things with it for the look but maybe more so for a mood, a feeling. So I created this look.

I decided to use my hair style to influence the look of bold, chic and sleek. I use the boldness throughout the attire and it held it's own whether I had the trench on or off. The boldness in the camouflage, the gold belt, knee high boots, and the big fabric hoop earrings. The chic and sleek came with the boots being black and suave; and the high waist jeans with the cut out knees.

So if you have that bold or "statement" piece that you just get intimidate with pairing it with other pieces just look at it as your "Rebellious piece". Let the piece speak to you and make it more of a mood fit and not so much as an outfit.

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