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On my discovery of oneself, I’m learning a lot about how I have the power to create my own happiness. I know “energy” talk is well on the cliché list, among so many others, because of how trendy it’s become in “Pop” culture. We’re “Keeping the same energy”, “Protecting Our Energy”...yeah all that good stuff. However, as cliché as it may seem, I’m a strong believer that energy is a big life factor. If you’re familiar with “energy” talk then I’m sure you’ve heard the terminologies masculine and feminine energy tossed around.

Masculine and Feminine energy is characterized (based on ) as; masculine energy is doing and grounded in reason and logic. Whereas, feminine energy is being and centered in intuition; to allow and receive.

In understanding this concept, your perception of femininity and masculinity alters, but with a broader retrospective. You no longer narrow femininity and masculinity into just gender or sex, rather based on what each energy gives you. Being female or male has nothing to do with your feminine or masculine energy because we all possess both; and when they’re unbalanced it can be disruptive to your life.

To have a balanced and harmonious life means to have both feminine and masculine energy balanced. That means you can’t be in DOING Mode more than BEING Mode or BEING Mode more than DOING Mode. To have more masculine energy than feminine energy you may often project character traits such as competitive, aggressive, controlling, micromanaging, and confrontational. To have more feminine energy than masculine, you may project behavior such as codependency, needy, overly sensitive, manipulative, and powerlessness. With the imbalance in either energy you can see how it could affect your home, work or social life.

However, when you're balanced, your masculine energy is going to have you more focused, driven, confident and goal-oriented. And your feminine energy is going to have you more receptive, creative, fluid, and empathetic. A friend of mine says she likes to understand her feminine and masculine energy as; feminine has to do with her inner self and masculine has to do with her outer self. That to me is the simplest and easy way to reference it because feminine energy is our internal energy and masculine energy is our external.

If you know something about yin and yang, that's another way to remember or reference. Yin is the feminine energy and yang is the masculine energy. Or if you're familiar with Qi Ying Yang, than you know how they reference yin being the receiving energy and yang is the releasing energy. Internal and external.


When you're balanced in your feminine energy you have a sense of self awareness. Remember, it's all about your inner self when dealing with your feminine energy so it's going to have a lot to do with the essence or core of who you are. You have the ability to be more present which allows you to feel, think and be in the moment. You should notice how you are more intuitive in this balanced energy. You have more trust to listen to that voice that sounds like you because it becomes louder and clearer.

When I'm balanced in my feminine energy I'm more relaxed and don't feel the need to go back and forth, or explain for people to understand me. I'm really content on us agreeing to disagree if we have opposing opinions. I find myself more willing to sit with a feeling and allow it to reveal itself to me than trying to find a way to cope with the feeling.

Sometimes with me I find the need to call whoever I can call to vent or find an Amen corner when I'm feeling imbalanced in this energy. Our imbalance of the feminine energy allows our insecurities to project needing outward validation. And we sometimes pull from our lower selves about how we feed that insecurity.


When you're balanced in your masculine energy you have more of a problem solving approach to people and situations in your life. You're all about being goal oriented and completing tasks that goes towards your achievements and accomplishments. You're all about getting things done that need to get done. Who really has time to whine and complain about what isn't getting done and who's not supporting?

When I'm feeling balanced in my masculine energy I feel the most productive. I know I've found some balance for the last seven months because I've been consistent with my content despite the nuances of life. When (if you've been following my journey of Dream Bella, Dream Bella Boo, The Harmonious Life, Bella Minded), in fact, this is probably the most organized and consistent I've been with pursuing my own purpose in life.

The inconsistency is definitely a testament to me being imbalance. I was putting work in but it wasn't to say I was putting in an adequate amount of work to help accomplish my goals. I chose to give up every time I didn't see the results I was expecting; instead of me finding a better solution. That goes back to having a problem solving approach; or in my case, it was the lack there of.

As of lately, I must admit, I feel like I may be operating more in my masculine energy and not allowing myself to be and experience what I'm experiencing. I can't forget to stop and smell the flowers. It's a marathon not a race. Sometimes when we get so caught up in doing we don't allow ourselves time to process where we are. The best way I try to center myself or become balance is by way of meditation or spending quiet moments alone.

Are you balanced in your feminine and masculine energy? If not, which energy do you believe you're operating more in? What affects does it have in your life?
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