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The Sum Up: "STILL OVER IT" Summer Walker

Updated: Jan 20

Summer Walker has recently dropped her sophomore studio album "Still Over It" and of course it was a lot of mix feelings in regards to her album. Some fans enjoyed the transparency and vulnerability that she channeled throughout her album. Then there were others who felt it gave space to the "bitter baby mamas" and it displayed bitterness and low vibrations by blaming her baby father about her situation. To each it's own. I honestly was a bit taken back about it having low vibes but at the same time art is up for interpretation and we all interpret things differently.

I was definitely anticipating this album from Summer because I've been a fan since I ran across her ep Clear. When I first heard her raw lyrics with her soft vocals it had me very much intrigued. I was here for Over It and kept it in rotation but the way this second album came...I think this one is my favorite album thus far. I can't stop listening to it and when I'm not listening to it the melodies are definitely living rent free in my head.

Still Over It gave me a glimpse into Summer's experience between the father of her daughter, London On Tha Track, and her relationship. She let you into the good times, the bad times and the in betweens. While she speaks on the issues she dealt with in regards to London, his mother and his previous baby mothers; she also speaks on having accountability based on the red flags she decided to over look.

The album over all was a great way to speak on what many of us as women deal with when we enter relationships with men who have previous baby mothers. Or how we're so engulfed with wanting this man that we voluntarily over look the obvious because we want what we want. Find out my full detailed thoughts on the album such as my favorite songs, favorite lines and decoding some messages she was trying to put out there. I do feel like this album set the bar for r&b. It has me excited to hear other r&b projects from other artist.

Compared to her first album "Over It" I think "Still Over It" sets a mood of maturity with a subtlety of regrets, toxicity and passion. Her stepping out with the track "Dat Right There", featuring and produced by Pharell and The NEPTUNES, showed her stepping out of her comfort zone and I loved it. She definitely made that song her own.

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