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Using Uncle Funky's Daughters On Locs??

So I finally got to test out Uncle Funky's Daughters products that I purchased from the Charleston Natural Hair Expo almost a month ago. I can finally get to tell you my thoughts on if it was a hit or a total miss???

Now being on my third set of locs, I'm a lot more conscious of the products and chemicals I put in my hair. Locs are actually the easiest style hair to maintain, however, it's when we want to do the most is when they become high maintenance. So when I came across

vendor station at the expo I was intrigued but cautious nevertheless.

I spoke with one of the lady's at the vendors table and told her that I'm looking for a shampoo that is going to leave little to no residue in my locs but will definitely leave my locs feeling "squeaky" clean. She suggested one of their shampoos that had all the components I was looking for, which so happen to be called "Squeaky" Clarifying Cleanser.

I purchased the clarifying cleanser with the finishing hair spray called "Glossy", which is a oil based spray that gives your hair some shine when it's looking dull. I have that problem with my hair even if it is moisturized because.. sometimes it doesn't translate to my appearance.

So let's get to the part you came here to find out...Did it work?? I used the "Squeaky" and all I had to do was wash my hair twice, meaning I washed my roots and then the ends ( that's my process to wash my hair). That's a good thing for me considering that it takes a lot to get my hair wash. Either the product doesn't lather enough and it takes me using the whole bottle just to get the product to lather. Or I know that the product is too thick which means that it's going to leave me with residue and I'll be all day trying to wash the product out of my hair.

Now do take inconsideration that I don't use a lot of products in my hair. I only use oils so it makes the process rather easier but still yet, I use Shea Moisture's Black Soap Shampoo and it takes a good three to four washes to get my hair to lather. After the wash my hair did feel squeaky clean and weightless, and the menthol gave my scalp a tingly sensation feel as I washed it. I didn't have to use a lot of product either to wash my entire head, which isn't my norm.

I went straight into using my leave in conditioner ( by another brand) and proceeded to combine my locs. Once I was finished I sprayed my "Glossy" on it and definitely left it with a shine but it operated as a moisturizer for me too since I use only oils to moisturize my hair anyway. So this was a two in one for me.

Overall I was very pleased with my purchase. I can say I will definitely be purchasing more of their shampoo and this has since become my go to shampoo for my hair, and that goes for the finishing spray as well. They're an affordable brand so it's not weighing on my pockets. I know in certain areas you can purchase them in Target, CVS, Walmart and Rite Aid; and if you're like me then you can order them at

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