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Updated: May 17

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“Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned…” , as Erykah’s voice fades to my subconscious. What’s in my forefront, as I read the lyrics from the inside of the cover of ‘BADUIZM’, is the word manifest. I mean I’ve heard of the word prior; but never paid it too much attention until this moment. Now I’m intrigued to know what this word means. Based on the context that I’ve heard it mentioned; I assumed it meant to “make it happen”.

As I’ve evolved to having a mindful outlook on my life, I’ve heard the word mentioned more frequently. “MANIFEST”, “AFFIRM”, “YOU HAVE TO AFFIRM TO MANIFEST”. I associated ‘Manifestation’ or ‘Manifesting’ with believing; and simply put in the terms of what it is; You in fact are believing. But it’s much more than just a ‘wanting’ to believe in something, but knowing that it’s true. You know it’s true to the point where you’re preparing and acting according to that belief.

In certain Christian beliefs, it’s taught that if you commit a sin then you’ll go to hell. Some Christians believe this to be so, that they don’t commit said sin in fear they may in fact go to hell. Manifesting or manifestation is believing in something to the point where your actions and thoughts are going to align with that belief.

"When Peace & Blessings.." Blog Excerpt
Photo Courtesy of JIG Media/Films

Bella Minded isn’t Bella Minded for any reason. It’s about exploring and understanding my beautiful mind. How my mind can be a major influence in the type of life I want and choose to live. And manifestation has quite an influence in that. When I became serious about manifesting the life I not only desire but what I needed; I realize that a lot more went into it.

While affirmations are one way to manifest, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a lot of smaller moving parts that makes manifestation such a big deal; however we’re only focused on the easier work. And YES, I said work. While I’ve been reading and learning; of course I had to apply so that I knew how to make it effective for me. I had to know what I wasn’t doing enough of or what I was missing.


So when I tell you the definitions of manifestation, I want you to pay careful attention to how the meaning speaks on the actions and one’s state of mind. This is also how you manifest.

To display or demonstrate by one’s act or appearance

To be evidence of; to prove

To turn something from an idea into a reality

Using one’s thoughts, feelings and or beliefs to bring something to our physical reality


Interesting thing about manifesting is, as much as it’s about controlling or having an influence over your thoughts; It has just as much to do with your actions. I don’t care how many times I sat in the mirror silently or spoke out loud to myself, I didn’t yield the results until I put the action along with it. I’ve heard quite a few people speak of manifesting as if it’s as simple as wanting, believing and speaking it into the Universe. While those instructions are valuable, it doesn’t stop there. When I started taking Manifestation more seriously I researched and came across three laws. These three laws are very instrumental in regards to the process of manifestation. I’m sure you all may be familiar with at least one of the three:

  • Laws Of Attraction

  • Laws Of Action

  • Laws Of Detachment

Using a combination of these three laws can yield more results to living out your dreams or accomplishing your goals. It'll also answer that question of: "HOW DO I MANIFEST?"

"Peace & Blessings..." Blog Excerpt
Photo Courtesy of JIG Media/Films


The Laws Of Attraction will help you to know how to put what you want out there so you can attract it to you. However, you have to know how to ask by understanding what you’re asking for. For instance, I can go and pray to God to bless me to get a lot of business this year with Bella Minded Apothecary. I start to notice that I’m getting an influx of business but I can’t keep up with the product. Now I’m always sold out every time a new customer comes to my site, which may discourage them from coming back to my site. Whereas I got a lot of business; I didn’t have the knowledge, insight or preparation to expand my business correctly. Me asking for a lot of business didn’t mean I was going to get effective business, or professional business.