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Worry 'Bout Yourself| Is Sha'carri Richardson's Confidence Conditional?

It was all the uproar a couple of weeks ago when Sha'carri Richardson lost unflattering (to some) in the Olympics. To add insult to injury, Richardson spoke with so much conviction on how she was going to win against the Jamaican team in particular. Well... the people were not here for it at all.

There were comments on the lack of humility she had and how she might have been deserving of the loss based on her overly confident demeanor. All of this had me thinking about how this wouldn't have even been up for discussion if she won. Then it dawned on me... Why is that? Why was her flaunting attitude perceived as negative only when she lost? Why would it be accepted if she had won? What does humility even mean and why should it be used when it's questionable about meeting expectations? Is our confidence conditional on the meeting of expectations?

In my new vlog 'Worry 'Bout Yourself' I introduce a perspective of current events that we can learn something from. Rather than the typical gossip news, I'll be going a little further than the surface to take something away we can apply to our everyday life.

Check out the full video above to hear my thoughts. Please comment your thoughts below and don't forget to subscribe, like, and share!

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