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Site Advertising

$25 for 5 Days/$50 for a Month

You can choose to advertise your brand, service or product on our website for 5 days or for a month. It can be a quality video, slideshow or print photo

Content Ad Partnership

$75 monthly

You can partner with us and run an ad for your brand, service or product on our website consistently. We'll promote it with a monthly blog and on our other social media platforms. It can be a variety of video and print from you or we'd be happy to do it with your approval

Advertising Campaign


Creating a various amount of advertising content; from graphic ads, video ads, and photo shoot. So you can have an impactful roll out for introducing a new product, service, or brand. Or maybe you're rebranding your business but we got you either way!



We can review your product or attend your event and tell all our viewers about it in a nice professional blog write up. Please note that we will still give an honest review because we value our audience and being authentic. However it will be tasteful and open minded.

Modeling/Brand Ambassador


Minimal of 2 hours for photo shoots or video shoots 

Certain prices are negotiable

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