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Insecure season 5 Ep.3 is giving me all the aggies... with Lawrence and especially that Condola. I usually don't do reviews but I to speak on this particular episode because it was a few topics I wanted to address. YES I KNOW I'M LATE but seeing is that I'm a stay at home mother and I'm trying to run two different platforms (www.drinksanddiscussions) hey, you get it when you get it. But thank you all for having the patience with me.

If you aren't aware of the timeline then I would greatly suggest you go and download that HBO app and catch up on all the seasons. However, we are here with the final season and we're finally at the episode to find out what happened with the Condola and Lawrence co parenting situation. Did they decide to get together for the sake of the child? Is Lawrence and Issa still together and Condola and Lawrence are trying to co parent? I mean what's going on?

Well in the second episode Issa came to a realization that it wasn't going to work out with Lawrence after the break up baby. So yep, she left him and Lawrence decided to take that job in San Francisco. The episode comes in with him on a blind date receiving a text message from Condola that she just delivered their son. Upon arriving to the hospital, Lawrence was met with Condola and baby in arms with a side eyeing sister and mother.

This episode brings up a great opportunity to discuss the disconnect between men and women when it comes to co parenting. We easily lay up with someone not thinking about the possibility of being attached to this someone for the rest of your life because you've created a little person together. We as women have certain expectations of how we want our pregnancy experience to be but not understanding what happens when it isn't this ideal situation we've envisioned. Or the father not being present the way we expect or would want them to be.

Looking at the Da Baby and Dani Leigh situation shows how lines can easily get blurred when you bring a baby into the fold. Where that man may believe he owes nothing to you and only to that child, we're thinking my mental and emotional space is just as important when it comes to have an healthy environment for our child. Are we as mothers not allowing space for the fathers? Are we setting expectations to have with having children with men we aren't in an established relationship with? Click the link below to join the conversation and share your thoughts on this episode.

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