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WORD FOR THOUGHT | TikTok's Word Of The Day| Ep.1

I started posting words and their meaning as they relate to growing and becoming better with self. I realized that sometimes through interpretation, we can use words out of context based on not knowing or it (the word) has an alternative meaning. Regardless, I decided to choose a word for that day and get an understanding of the definition.

[Click the video below]

I believe with some understanding of what words really mean it can allow us to start using this words as such. We can relate them to our own lives and apply them as needed. I started when I initially broke down the word "humble" as it related to the "Worry Bout Yourself" Sha'carri Richardson Ep.1.

People felt she was too cocktails and needed to humble herself; even though the one of the various meaning of humble is to think low of oneself. As Erykah Badu stated..."Spelling is a spell". When we write, say and use these words we aren't aware of the tone and energy that's rooted in them.

The first word in this episode is "Critical Thinking" and how it relates to us. Don't forget to subscribe to my site and YouTube for more "Word Of The Day" Comment your thoughts and share the video.

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