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Exploring the Complexity of Respecting Others' Experiences: Is It a Contradiction or a Paradox?

It's come to my attention that we're supposed to all be monolithic. We're supposed to think, feel and experience life the same way; and if for some reason we don't... prepared to be condemned for not being like everyone else. Yes, of course we tell people to be okay with being themselves; and that you aren't meant to be like anyone else; unless being who you are makes us uncomfortable.

Do you see the contradiction? How can we encourage people to be their authentic self when we turn around and try to punish them for being themselves? We tend to forget that we're all navigating through this life journey to the best of our ability and that isn't always going to look the same for everyone. If I experience life differently than you, does that make me life any less or more meaningful?

All of this is coming from Jill Scott giving her flowers to Chris Brown that sent the internet in an uproar AND only later for the internet to go back in it's rage about Amanda Seales sharing her experience with Issa Rae. So, what does this have to do with contradictions, paradox, or experiences? Plenty. Why does Chris Brown past relationships have to overshadow Jill's experiences of Chris' talents and gifts? Why does Amanda's feelings of her experiences with Issa have to then become the definition of who Issa is? Why can't we allow people to share their experiences without us having to overshadow it because it isn't our experiences.

Two things can be true and contradicting which makes it a paradox. Can Chris struggle with abuse and be an amazing artist? Can Issa not have supported Amanda in the way she wanted, but still have good intentions? Click the link above and listen to my take and join the conversation by commenting your thoughts.

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Peace & Blessings

Melissa Renee

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