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Uncovering The Truth: Who is Really Exploiting Whom?

A viral TikTok, that a young lady name @ChevyCaprice is responsible for, took the perspective of the MegTheStallion challenge being redundant and late in terms of women being exploited on social media. She explains how twerking and twerking challenges are late and "we're" tired of seeing women twerking. To some extent I can agree with her. I do feel like twerking going down my timeline is redundant and oversaturated. I don't know how many ways you can show us how to shake your ass.

However, I had a different perspective to add besides being tired of twerking. I could remember women speaking about how women in hip hop were being exploited by men with these sexual exploitive tactics. Sexual exploitive tactics, I mean video girls dressing provocative in videos; or dancing provocatively in performances. Women actually spoke intensively on the exploitation of women by the hands of men on the Netflix's documentary LADIES FIRST. I'm just paraphrasing but it was mentioned how women weren't taken seriously and being used to push a certain narrative.

The comment responses to my video

Which got me to thinking how men are being called out for exploiting women but yet we see women now in the same position doing the same thing. They're making videos with girls dressing and dancing provocatively. They're making songs where they're speaking on themselves and women in a sexually explicit manner. I then began to question..."What's the difference". How is it that women aren't considered exploiting other women when they're using women in the same manner as men did?

The video above I go into a conversation with the added opinions of others questioning "What's so different?" Watch it in it's entirety and give your thoughts in the comment below.

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