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My 21 week challenge: 1 week update


So I started my New Year's resolution early when it came to my health and fitness journey. Back in November of last year, my bestfriend told me about the fabulous fitness trainer Brittne Babe on IG.

I checked out her page and loved how she made work out programs geered to the average person who can't afford those expensive health plans or gym plans. I jumped on the 15 dollar deal that came with 21 days of stength training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), post/pre stretching, and a meal plan. There you have it, and the rest has been history.

Because I was so motivated and determined from doing my first 21 day challenge; and I knew I wouldn't be close to my target weight in just 3 weeks; I decided to challenge myself with Brittne Babes Vol. 8 21 day challenge. I managed to keep some type of diet and excercise up while I waited for the challenge to kick start.

I was definitely shocked looking at my transformation within 21 days as I entered into the new challenge. It made me even more inspired to keep going. For one, I'm challenged when it comes to working out and dieting. Its nothing about it I enjoy and I don't believe I ever will. I workout and eat clean because I HAVE TO and that's how I push through. I give myself no choice!

Now, because I'm no fitness guru, I can tell you there are days where I slack off and fall off. However, I found what has helped me stay the course is the fact that I still wake up the next day with a new outlook. I don't guilt myself out or say "I'll just start again next week or month". I try to finish out the day or week stronger than I started. The fact that I just keep going and don't lay on the guilt trip has got me through. It's only when you completely stop is when the decline starts.

This week I was challenged with the workout even though we didn't use weights (so I can only imagine when we start next week) However, I kept going and pushed through the burn. I mostly felt it with the upper body this week. I did stuggle to complete the entire HIIT if I do strength training too that day, but I got through at least 13 min out of 21. Hey, 13 min is better than 0 min but I always push to complete it in it's entirety whether I do or don't. (That's not letting the guilt get to you)

My diet on the other hand, I felt I could have done a lot better this week. I did have some healthy meals bit due to poor meal prepping it caused me to miss meals and snacks; which led me to poor eating choices. But that will definitely change this week because I've started already prepping some shrimp, turkey breast and veggies. I'm staying positive!

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