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Sis It's Just Facebook..Delete Them People

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Listen Sis, it's okay. You're not deleting them from your life or pulling the plug on their oxygen. It's just social media and I promise they will live to see another day and so will you.

I've seen recently how people are deciding to delete their social media accounts or take a break from social media. Largely to do with the lack of energy or bad energy that they get from engaging on the platforms.

According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( about 30% of people who use social media spend 15 hours per week online. And further testing has found out that using too much internet can lead to depression, adhd, impulsive disorder, mental functioning and this can go on and on.

So I could definitely understand why taking a break from social media platforms could be well needed to maintain some type of mental health. However, I do also feel that a lot of the mental anguish could be helped in regards to social media if we held our online space just as important as our personal space.

Energy is transference, so regardless if it's someone's presence or someone's post it's still surrounded with one's energy and that energy can be transferred to you. Ever came across a particular person's post and you realize every time you see their post you get this sudden annoyance that some how manages to leave the traces of a frown and a turn up nose? It maybe the ignorance of what they post everyday that irritates you? Maybe their post lack substance? Or maybe it's you?

Whatever it maybe it's clear that it effects your energy because at that moment it didn't make you feel good. Now granted, it could be jealousy and envy, which would imply that you're not in a space to see people's success or progressions in life to be sincerely happy. Therefore, you maybe you need to have more inspiring and motivating people on you timeline who speak daily affirmations. The whole point is, your timeline should be filled with people who give you something to look forward to,whether it's a laugh to lift your spirit, a spiritual word, or motivational statement.

I, for one, have made quite a few sweeps off of my social media but prior it was a task. I'll admit I had initial hesitation because I was caught up on how the person would perceive it. Then I thought about how I perceived it when someone deleted me. I actually realized that I didn't even notice I was deleted until a month or months later and usually they weren't people I engaged with often or had a lot in common. So to me there was no harm no file and I was able to not take it personal. The same way I don't see it as a personal attack when I delete people.

I delete people for a lot of reasons but a personal gripe is probably the least of them. Which is probably many cases for others. I delete people if we aren't interacting with one another or if it's one sided and I'm only interacting with you. Especially if I didn't request you and you requested me. I absolutely see no reason to be on a social media and follow or friend request people you have no intentions of being "SOCIAL" with, it defeats the purpose. My page is public on Facebook so you can easily be nosy without having to friend me.

Another reason I delete people from my social media are for people who post's are consumed with negative energy. Meaning that their post always carry the mood of complaints or whining. They're always talking about what's wrong with the world or people but never have a solution to better it. Or they're always a victim and being wronged and you never hear what's right in their life. Granted there are people who are going through things and need to vent, however, if there's never a breakthrough then professional help is needed and there's not too much I or you can do for them.

The last reason I delete is if they are inactive on social media. If I rarely see them post or engage on these various platforms, they are a waste of space. Due to the fact that I'm an entrepreneur and I'm trying to build my brand, I need people who I can engage with or who'll engage with me. I need people who can potentially be supportive and become an audience for my brand. So basically, I don't have time for people who are taking up spaces for people who could be interested in what I'm promoting.

I think some of you are scared of the potential backlash of seeing your deleted friend in public and having to answer to why you deleted them. But fear not, just be honest about how your space, whether online or in person, is sacred and you like to have a certain energy or presence on your timeline. It's nothing personal. You don't hate them, you don't dislike them (possibly) you just need to protect your space and preserve your energy.

Keep it polite and cordial because these still in fact could be people you cross paths with for different unknown reasons. You don't want to create animosity and discourse all because of a social media deletion.

Find out the purpose if why you're even on social media. Is it for entertainment purposes? Is it to build a brand? Is it to push a cause? Is it for two or more of the above reasons? Whatever the reason, once you know the purpose then you conduct yourself accordingly. If it's for my brand, then I want people I can network with, build collaborations with and get information. My timeline wouldn't consist of a bunch of ghost friends or followers who never engage on social media. I wouldn't have a bunch of people who post fight videos all day and memes.

At the end of the day you can only control your happiness and your energy. Don't imprison yourself with the shackles of other people's thoughts of you but free yourself with what's ultimately going to make you a better person. If someone doesn't give you good vibes, don't boggle yourself with the guilt of not having a justification of deleting someone. A simple "This isn't putting me in a good space", shall suffice and then...delete.

I'm sure if we'd put more enphases on the vibe and energy of the people we were following or friends with on social media, we could lessen the depressions and anxiety. You'd be less likely to click on "what's her name" page to see if she's out doing you if she was out of sight. You'd be less likely to like ol' girls post when you know you don't like her but it'll be too obvious if you don't. Save yourself from the high school crap and grow up and delete those people sis. Be great and live your life by surrounding you page with people who celebrate with you, laugh with you, motivate you, inspire you, make you think, educate you and anything else that can create a tone of greatness.

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