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I'm all for empowering those who don't necessarily fit the societal norm but empowering others doesn't have to be challenging others about what they like or dislike. Empowering others is about showing them how being exactly who they are is enough and that they are of value. When it comes to Lizzo and the constant controversy of her weight and unapologetic behavior, I definitely believe she gives a voice to the voiceless. However, when I hear her emotional truths of how she's affected by the push back, I wonder is she sold on her on stance?

When we go through the gradual progressions of growth we are tested by the universe to see where we are in terms of growth. Yes, we understand the assignment but are we applying what we've learned? It's easy to speak on loving yourself and easy to practice truly loving yourself when you aren't challenged. But when the challenges come can we push through the thick of it? I believe the recurring theme with Lizzo is feeling as though she isn't accepted by society and it will continue to be a recurrence until she learns that it isn't the worlds job to accept you.

A lot of times I believe we confuse fighting for our rights with fighting for acceptance. Yes, we have God given rights as a human being to be treated as such. However, that doesn't mean people have to like you, accept you, or condone anything in regards to you. We're different and we'll never all feel the same about everything. As Nas quoted in "Count Me In" from his KD follow up; "No two likes are alike". So even if we do agree with something we still could have a difference in our perspective, or point of view. I say all that to say the only person that has to

accept us is ourselves.

So the question stands "Should we look to be accepted by the world or are we looking in the wrong direction?" Find out my full thoughts and the steps I would take if I were Lizzo. Watch the full video and tell me your thoughts.

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