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4 signs that tell you it's time to grow| Is it your time?

You can outgrow anything and anyone when it's time for you to move in another direction or purpose. Yes, even yourself. I personally don't believe we're meant to stay stagnant in life. Like the nature we come from, we're meant to grow like herbs that grow from the earth. It's natural.

Now, often times people casually speak on how we have to grow out of our own insecurities, trauma, and generational cycles. However, seldom do we hear, besides the general "go to therapy", how do we start to grow. Or how do you know when it's time to grow?

Often times we barely know when it's time to exit stage left from a toxic ass relationship. We thought jealousy was cute instead of a red flag that he had unrelated baggage that he's projecting into the relationship. Vice Versa. But the signs are there and maybe we don't realize that those signs are telling us it's time to move on

Everybody signs are different and the same. However, I'm going to tell you were pretty consistent with me knowing it was time.

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