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Being An Outcast Entrepreneur

Of course no one likes to feel socially outcast or excluded; not even if you’re an introvert. Hey, it’s just something about being invited even if you don’t really want to go. However, in your personal life you can still find people who don’t mind your company and may even enjoy your company. Whereas when it pertains to business, it’s kind of hard to get your business out there if you can’t get the reach to the right people. I mean one of the biggest aspects of growing a successful business is being able to network and build business relationships, right?

Unfortunately, it happens to people everyday. Everyone isn’t going to like you and some may even be threatened by you and don’t want to see you succeed. The reasons may be personal or it may be business but regardless of what or why you can’t allow this to stop you making your dream happen. It’s always going to be obstacles whether it’s people, places or things but it’s up to us as entrepreneurs to turn lemons into lemonades.

I can speak from my experience and say living in a city that I’m not from and not having the social connections of knowing anyone has made my journey as an entrepreneur difficult. Listen, rubbing the wrong people the wrong way can stink up your reputation real quick and make it that much harder. So what do you do in this case? How do you make people receive you? I mean it’s not like you can control the way people feel about you, especially when you haven’t knowingly done anything to warrant the exclusion?

Well I can also tell you from experience, what NOT to do and that’s sulk about it. Also DO NOT retaliate with petty antics stooping to their level. Meaning don’t team up with someone that is on the opposing side because that’s just drama. We aren’t producing a reality show, we’re simply trying to do business.

The first thing I will tell you is to change your mentality. Don’t look at it as defeat. Look at it as a challenge and if you know me then you know one of my Bella Minded lessons is challenges means growth. The next thing is to understand that it’s nothing personal. You can take it as them solidifying that you’re must be on to something and doing something right. Also remember that gatekeepers can’t hold the gates everywhere. With your talent, consistency and tenacity it’s going to produce results and trust me, someone’s intrigued and just waiting for you to sell them on it.

Still reach out and continue to make connections. One closed door can lead to many open ones. Don’t limit yourself to just those people in your areas. We’re in a digital era right now so your network isn’t limited to the people in just your area. You can reach out to people all over the world. Sometimes you have to go around, even though it might be longer than just crossing over, it’s still a way to not keep yourself limited.

No matter the lack of me being invited or thought of in regards to certain circles and networking opportunities, I don’t allow it to keep me stagnant or bitter. Sometimes every networking circle might not align with your business purpose or moves, so they can actually be helping you. Also try creating your own networking circle or events. Listen, if they aren’t willing to give you a seat at the table….set your own table and have a seat. Of course it takes time and it won’t happen overnight but you can do it! And trust the your paths will cross again, just think about if you’re going to give the same energy or are you going to be the example of how they can do better.

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