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Stand Out Queen!

Finish n' Touch takes the classic Black girl accessories and turn them into gems.

When it comes to accessories Finish n Touch is bringing a nostalgia that speaks to black women culture in a bold, stylish, unapologetic way. As we know, the right accessories can take any outfit to another level; as well as be the statement piece that has everyone talking. So when you add the fact that FnT pieces do both; on top of it being customized pieces by black designer and owner Denise Campbell; you're getting your cake and eating it too.

She turned the classic black girl signature pieces into statement pieces. The very pieces that we we're mocked about such as our hoops, door knockers, and big bangles; she turned them into charming finishing touches for any occasions. With messages in her designs such as LOVE, Black 365, Happiness is everything to me and much more; you can see the empowerment that she puts in her designs.

Her pieces definitely make you feel proud to be black and a woman. She definitely gives you the vibe to stand out like the Queens we are! Check out more of her pieces and designs at

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