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I Can Breathe Life Into Me: Let's Start With Breathing

Have you ever heard someone say "I'm high off of life!"? I use to feel people like that were rare and were fortunate enough to have some type of innocence left to see life as that amazing. "Only innocence can allow you to be that naive." many times before, I was wrong. As I'm learning myself and life, I realize that happiness is a choice and you can very well be high.. on life. With healing, discovery and knowledge we can make this experience of life however we choose it to be. However, I've come to believe that learning and obtaining tools that allow you to rid anxiety, stress, and learning how to navigate through this world is key. As I'm going in depth about mediation; I decided to do a series called 'I Can Breathe Life', that could follow my journey but also inform and educate us on how to use meditation more effectively. We can gain the benefits of meditation through our health physically, mentally and spiritually.

When I first looked into mediation over ten years ago I had no idea what I was doing. I read the Dwayne D. Dyer books; I read Eat, Love, Pray; Listened to the dvds and the ocean water crashing on the sand... I was more scattered, unfocused, and anxious than I was before. I mean, how could something so simple seem so complicated? I gave up! I can't do it! But I found myself come back again and again. So I decided to go deep diving to understand meditation through my own understanding; time and time again I was referenced back to breathing. So here's where I'm going to start my 'I Can Breathe Life Into Me' series. The fundamentals. Since I had to figure it out on my own I found that learning how to breathe was helpful in learning how to meditate. If I'd started there I believe I would've been further along, however, that wasn't the intentions, right?

Breathing is an instrumental factor in meditation. To some, breathing is actually considered a form of meditation to with different types of breathing techniques that help guide you through meditation. Breathing helps me focus, clear my thoughts and take away my anxiety during meditation; it simplified it for me. However, I did realize how tense I was during the day because of tension or just simply not breathing correctly. Have you ever caught yourself not breathing? Or have you ever noticed how you breathe from your chest and not your abdomen? Well I've noticed it with myself and it had me intrigued in learning more about breathing techniques. I read how learning how to breath correctly and deep breathing can be instrumental with how you go about your day. I mean, it seemed like a win win to me. Learning deep breathing and breathing techniques could make my own meditation more effective; and help me daily with how to handle stresses and tensions.

Imagine a life where you wake up and you're sitting in a position where you can take on all the opportunities that life has to offer you. You don't allow the emotions of jealousy, envy, insecurity to live within because you know your purpose. You're secure in knowing what's meant for you won't pass you. You live a life where you're surrounded with reciprocity, where you can be happy for others and they can be happy for you. Imagine a life where you go through obstacles but you possess the tools, resources and knowledge to work through them without forming unhealthy habits. You can face struggles and traumas without suppressing. Imagine a life where you're happy to be alive. Now let's make it our reality. Let's have a life that we only could've imagined. Let's in fact become high on life.

And it starts with breathing. Breathing effectively will allow you to be calm, reduce stress and anxiety. Having a calm and stress-free mind allows you to think clearly and assess things with a level head. You'll find that you may be better at conflict resolutions and problem solving when you gain clarity or a clear head. All of this will effect how you make better decisions for yourself. All in all you will see how your life will slowly transform into being purposeful, peaceful and enjoyable.

So if you’re ready for this journey with me..."Let's start with our breathing".

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