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Introducing Bella Minded

Over the years I've beed dabbling on many (and I do mean many) ways of expressing who I am and what I love to do. However, as you start to embarking on a journey of self discovery, you soon find out that you need something more purposeful.

Although I truly loved everything Dream Bella has helped me learn and discover about myself; we've come to an end. She will still have a sentimental place in my heart but I have to except the path when you outgrown a position.

I hope that Bella Minded can give you as much meaning and clarity as having thus mindset has done for me. It's enough group think and popular opinion in this world but not enough people to have the mindset to freely think for themselves. We need people who aren't afraid to give honest true perspectives that aren't going to always be pleasant to hear. But it's from the heart and never with I'll intent.

Here's a start to a new journey, why I chose this journey, and what to expect

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