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I know as an entrepreneur just starting off, we’re often excited, anxious and nervous all at the time. We really want, whatever business that we're pursuing, to be successful. So we’re really putting in our blood, sweat, and tears to make this possible. Late nights on reading the latest advice, or learning the best strategies so that we are staying ahead of the curve. However, this can become overwhelming, draining and stressful over time. I know the trendy boss mentality is “I’ll sleep when I die” or “real hustlers never”; but truthfully I’m more productive when I’m well rested. Rest can actually give you a clear state of mind which can allow your thoughts and ideas to flow with ease.

As simple as it may seem, making sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep and/or rest can show the effectiveness in your work. I’m mean, I don’t know about anyone else but when I’m tired I get rather irritable and short patience. The smallest of inconveniences, where I could find a solution or overlook, I now feel like it’s just another task that’s going to cause the whole house of cards to fall. And it always seems like when you get a train of issues popping up is when you’re at your tiredest. It’s like just keep piling it on why don’t you. But we might not feel so overwhelmed if we took the time to give our minds and bodies a rest.

Lack of rest can hinder your physical health as well as your mental and when you’re venturing out to be an entrepreneur, you’re definitely going to need both. As an entrepreneur, remember, we have to be consistent; be able to think quickly on our feet; and be able to stay ahead. We have to be able to have ideas and implement them strategically as needed for whatever business we’re trying to build. With all this being said, how can you maintain this standard if you’re tired or anxious? Who said that entrepreneurs aren’t supposed to sleep? Who said that a hustlers’ mentality is never sleeping and always working?

I can’t speak for anyone else but I chose to be an entrepreneur because I wanted to do what I love while making money (of course) but I also wanted to be my own boss. When I decided I wanted to work for myself it was for the purpose of me being able to set my own hours and my own schedule where I can still be what I need to be for me. If I need time with my family I can arrange that. If I need time for myself, I can make that happen too without the guilt or the worry that someone is going to deem my personal accommodations as an inconvenience to their company. So if you’re your own boss, why not utilize that position by making sure you’re getting the rest that you need.

What if having a hustler’s mentality simply means never giving up and making a way out of no way? What if not getting tired or never sleeping is a state of mind rather than the act of? I’m in this for the long run and I’m confident in my abilities to grow my business; so no I’ll never get tired of making content and creating content for clients or potential clients. I’m constantly reading and finding ways to enhance what I’m doing. I’m not quitting because I’m not seeing the results I’d wish for, rather change some things up to see a different result. I won’t sleep on my capabilities of what I want and will keep pursuing until I get where I want to be. But a sister is going to get her rest and won’t feel guilty about it.

When you get enough rest, according to Medical News Today, you have better productivity and concentration, more energy, and more social and emotional intelligence. These things are all valuable to have when pursuing entrepreneurship. So it’s okay to close the laptop, step away from the desk, turn off your email notifications and take your ass to bed. How many hours of sleep do you get on the average? Do you feel as though you get an adequate amount of sleep? Can you see the difference in your business when you don’t? Comment your answer below and tell me if it was helpful or not.

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