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Self Motivation: Make A Plan!

So it's another Monday and we have to fuel ourselves for another week. Yes, you very well maybe tired, overwhelmed and all over the place at this point. However, we can't give up right?! This is our dream, this is what we wanted. So how do we keep ourselves levelheaded and still keep our heads in the game?

Well reading Entrepreneurs 'Ways to Help Entrepreneurs Get Motivated'; the second tip on the list was to Make A Plan. Listen, sometimes when we have our thoughts well organized or thought out we have a better tackle on things. Well, I know at least I do. The one thing we can't afford to do while traveling this journey is to get so overwhelmed and caught up that we lose motivation and stop. So just like any other thing in life make sure you write down what you plan is or start off with your goals for the week.

Every week I write down what topics or themes I want to focus on during the week. This gives me a direction and allows me to stay focus on the course. So whenever another idea pops up in my head or if I get turned around because so much stuff is going on, I just refer back to the weekly list. This weekly list helps me with social media and the plans or agenda I want to tackle throughout the week that is contributing to my business.

Plan out what you would like to post on social media for the week. Do you want to focus on blemishes because you have a new cream that you just drop? Do you want to do an email blast to your subscribers to give them tips on how to keep their faces blemish free, and plug your cream? Do you want to do a live speaking on how self conscious it is to have blemishes? This is just an example of how you can organize and plan ahead so you don't get swamped with trying to market or advertise your business.

Think about how frustrated you become when you can't find things versus when you have things in it's place and well organized. I can honestly say things run a bit more smoother when I'm well organized and my day is thought out. It makes me feel like I have the freedom to be a bit more creative and a bit more ambitious. Therefore, you can apply that to your journey of entrepreneurship; because when you have a plan on what you're doing and where you want to go, you find yourself feeling like you're on top of everything.

Now how motivating is that and you didn't need an Amen corner to do it! Just one more thing you can add to your list of keeping you self motivated. Remember your plan can consist of weekly, monthly or yearly. If you want you can do all three but remember when you feel yourself getting off course or feeling lost and overwhelmed, go back to that plan, list and get back on the saddle.

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