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Updated: Jan 20

I'm a visionary. I dream and envision my ideas like someone sees a movie. I can see my end game in living color but that all comes to an end when I try to put those visions into fruition. Not because I can't do it but because the least bit of obstacles would have me rethinking everything I envisioned. Well, I guess it's not meant to be because I wasn't able to successfully complete my goal or vision.

I would be unforgivably hard on myself because I felt like a failure. I felt shamed that I couldn't accomplish my vision or goals due to setbacks or challenges. I don't blame myself on the way I thought or spoke about me because it's what I knew. That's a topic for another day...soon enough. However, speaking that energy over me hindered me from seeing how my setbacks could actually challenge me to progress.

Watch the clip above on how this time around I was able to channel my setbacks into looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. I was able to be kinder to myself in the process of getting over any hurdles and focusing on the end game.

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