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Therapy For Black Girls by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

So I ran across this website a couple of months ago. I did post it in the Facebook group Black Bellas but it didn't get such a good response but that could just be based on that everyone didn't see it. However, I am posting it here for anyone who wants to seek therapy but want to find a doctor or counsel that can relate to them.

So often black women find these professionals that just doesn't seem like they are willing to go out of their way to support or help us. It could also be that they don't know how to connect or relate to us in order to help us. Whatever the case may be, I thought this website 'Therapy For Black Girls' could be a jewel for black women who want to find a black therapist or even a black woman therapist at that.

The founder Dr. Joy Harden Bradford made this sight because she saw a need that wasn't being met. She also uses her podcasts to speak on relevant and current issues that effect black women; and a support group ( The Yellow Couch Collective) that allows you to find your fellow members to champion you on or relate to the struggles so you don't feel alone. It creates that village that I feel is most important to have as black women.

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